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The Tattle•Tale has far exceeded my expectations! So far I have used it on 15 different students and it has worked 15 out of 15 times! Basically the Tattle•Tale neutralizes your hands. You can use your hands in the correct manner with the different rein actions, but it gives riders the feeling of a forward, soft arm and hand. Every horse came immediately onto the bit, every rider used their core much better and one of the biggest surprises to me was that every horse came more uphill. It truly makes you ride the horse back to front. My students made these observations:
"Now I know what a soft arm feels like"
"It made my abdominal muscles sore because I used them so much more"
"I didn't realize I was pulling back so much"
"I stopped making my arms stiff and straight"
"Look how easy my horse came on the bit and uphill".
And the real benefit was that when I took the Tattle•Tale off , all the students were able to maintain their corrected muscle memory and continued to reap the benefits of their "new feel".
– Kathy Rowse (Trainer / USEF "S" Dressage Judge, USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medallist Over 25 years training and teaching Beginner to Grand Prix www.silverleaffarm.org )
Suffolk, VA

I am an adult amateur rider who has extremely short arms for my frame. I never thought it was possible to hold my hands in the correct position to create a straight line from bit to elbow. I often straightened my arms creating a false connection with the horse and as a result my body stiffened making the trot impossible to sit on an already inverted backed, inverted necked, purebred Arabian, until I tried the Tattle•Tale provided by my instructor in lessons. Once my hands were in the correct position I was able to relax the rest of my body, to include my elbows, seat and legs and I was able to really use my core riding the horse from back to front. I was also able to use my aides independently for the first time. And as your other testimonials state, once I removed the device I was able to assume the same muscle memory created with the device.

Having used the Unisit before (a device that literally attaches you to the horse via straps around your legs and back to get the feel of riding in the correct position) I was surprised that such a small, almost unnoticeable aide like the Tattle•Tale worked more effectively. It did not restrict my lower body like the Unisit in fact it just made my seat, legs and hands more effective. Interestingly, with the Unisit, which does not attach to or focus on hands, I was never able to recreate the same position once the device was removed like I was with the Tattle•Tale. And since independence from training aides is my goal I think the latter is a better investment. My horse became through almost instantly with the Tattle•Tale which has always been hard considering the breed I ride. With good quality instruction (a must for all of us regardless of the level we ride) and the assistance of the Tattle•Tale my scores and rider coefficients are already increasing.

What a great product. Can't wait until the one I ordered arrives, and I will be giving them as gifts to my equestrian friends! Now if only there was a way to provide a Tattletale to all students of dressage, even those who only use traditional training methods, and while you are at it, please develop a device that makes Arabians less flexible, less smart, and eight movers.

– Corinne Meadows and her very Thankful Horse
Suffolk, VA

I feel that it has the following benefits for all levels of riding: Beginners with an instructor possibly with a schooled horse on a lunge line to gain knowledge of position, elbow, hand, rein, bit. Intermediate riders can gain a good window in which to realize the range of adjustability through the line of connection. Advanced riders, conformation of the stillness and quietness of hands. With any product there has to be a strong awareness of the fundamentals associated with the riders position and will give the rider a place to receive and give to the connection. In addition good instruction will enhance the effectiveness.
– Judy Whyte(Professional Dressage competitor/Instructor)
Hughesville, MD

Having ridden for many years, I find there is still a lot to learn. It is very easy to see and know many aids, but there are also aids going on that you and your partner, (the horse), know is happening. That is the intensity level and sustaining level. Another part of riding is the reaction time that one applies an aid. If you are riding a lesson, or in a clinic, the person can only address, so many points at a given moment to make corrections. We take that information home and practice hoping to improve. I then got asked to test out the “Tattle•Tale”. This is what it did for me. First off, I found it put the arms to the hands in the correct position. There is still plenty of room to allow you to aid, follow and the feedback to you is instantaneous. Next which is extremely important, it showed the intensity level of the leg aid I should be using, plus the sustaining level of those aids. Also, showed me my own use of the seat and legs use, balance left to right. You might be wondering, how were you riding? Well, quite frankly, I was riding relying and using the reins way to much instead of using the proper ones correctly. I therefore purchased one. Every time I use the “Tattle Tale” I discovered something a bit different and new, as our partners have different reactions. We as riders also need to learn how to react correctly with out the use of the reins. All I can say is, I feel I am becoming a better and stronger rider, my horse is going better, and definitely much happier. The “Tattle Tale” as an aid, helps me to feel and assisted me to correctly apply everything. 
– Joan Vogel (Adult amateur owner, competitor)
Aquasco, MD

The Tattle•Tale has steadied my hands and allowed me to keep a better position on my horse. You can do it with only using one side as my main issue is my outside rein that loves to bounce. I would definitely say that it has helped me. It definitely “tattles” on your hands. I thought my hands were fairly steady and boy was I wrong. Love how in emergencies (big spooks) it releases easily. It allows you to use the correct aids (that are supposed to be mostly from the hip leg etc) and showed me that I was doing interesting things with my hands. The Tattle•Tale allows you to have motion still with your hands for aids but keeps you within the proper range. I started using it on my 21 year old QH mare to see how I liked it and have moved on to my very high spirited, forward moving Thoroughbred gelding and it has helped us become a better team. I even noticed a major difference after taking off the Tattle•Tale as my hands knew where they were supposed to be and stay. The Tattle•Tale is a great tool for those of us that have been riding a while down to the very beginners such as my father who tried it yesterday for the first time and was actually able to get the horse round and forward.
– Adara Swanson (Adult amateur owner)
Brandywine, MD

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